Johnson Interiors - THE Pittsburgh Painter
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If you don't know what 'faux finish' is - you probably can't afford it.

Johnson Interiors
THE Pittsburgh Painter

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - at the confluence of Artistry and Craftsmanship
Telephone 214-123 4567    On the web at www.johnson*

Faux finish

Want a marble fireplace, old plank floors, ceiling molding of the finest Venetian plaster?
• Give me a flat surface and I'll give you the great look you're looking for.

Trompe L'oeil

Cacooned in a one-roomer?   Feeling cramped?   Need more personal space?
• Give me an empty wall and I'll give you:
   - the London skyline, a Paris street scene, autumn on an Appalachian farm
   - or whatever expands your horizons - literally

Aging and distressing

Want your new  'some assembly required'  furniture to look like an old family heirloom - without the wait?
• Give me a chance, and I'll make it look like something the cat dragged in
   - by judicious application of subtile shadowing, nicks, dings, scrapes and burnishing
Consider it a reverse face lift for your furniture!

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